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Napkin Folding by Quaker Lace

Napkins serve a practical purpose for most of us, but they can also be a very important part in the scene of a well-set table. Adding that special touch of decoration, napkins can add to the visual effects placed on the table such as centerpieces or other decorative objects. The following instructions will turn napkins into accessories:


1. Fold square napkin in half

2. Accordion fold 2/3's of the napkin

3. Fold pleated side flat

4. Fold in half upward

5. Fold corner down



1. Bring top and bottom edges to center leaving 1" gap

2. Pleat sharply

3. Pinch center together, secure with ring

4. Fan



1. Fold corners to center

2. Fold corners to center again

3. Repeat a 3rd time

4. Turn over and fold to center again

5. With pressure in center, pull first 4 petals from back, than 8 more, 12 points in all



1. Fold napkin in half forming large triamgle

2. Bring bottom corners up to top point

3. Fold bottom to top

4. Fold same point down leaving 1" up

5. Turn bottom point under to back

6. Turn right and left corners to back and tuck one into the other

7. Turn from points down-thn stand up



1. Fold in half to form large triangle

2. Turn up 1" hem

3. Flip over

4. Roll up tightly, tuck corner into hem



1. Fold napkin twice to form square

2. Take 2 top layers and roll down half-way

3. Turn corners back



1. Pleat square napkin from top to bottom

2. Secure center with finger and fold in half

3. Place in glass and fan out top



1. Fold napkin in half, and repeat until quartered

2. With loose edges at bottom, fold in half, bottom to top

3. Turn corners down

4. Fold bottom tips under to back

5. Fold in half, lengthwise

6. Gripping tightly, pull edges up and arrange them

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